OMMI that wind today – 22nd – my mind, my anxiety… I mean I think after today, this morning, I am just done. I need drugs. Strong meds! Those winds in January are just killing me!!! But no worries, photos … Continue reading


Okay, so the weather is now again wet and warm… 7 degrees… I mean really? Okay, that was 3 days ago, though still… Is winter coming for longer time? Because all those changes just make me dizzy and sick. I … Continue reading


You go in there and you smell, breath, feel, listen… Notice… Bits and bobs. Suddenly trees are not only branches, leaves, needles, they are dancers in a huge opera house… everything here is a theater. A show even… though for … Continue reading

And yeah…

Woodland and tourists who can not spell… I mean really? KOHAM? Gośka doucz się!!! Kocham się pisze!!! Sooo… December in the woods. Oh and yes, it was jul time… Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL And INSTAGRAM!!! And even one … Continue reading