And sometimes days are just soft with soft snow, light so soft, soft bed, which you truly o not want to leave but somehow do not want to miss that weather, so you have to get up, just have to… … Continue reading

In the air…

I mean there is something in the air here… almost always… that unbearable sweetness. That calmness. Amazing… If you let it touch you, somehow you will finally feel better. Like it was healing you. Somehow… Looking at the goat, leaf, … Continue reading

Simple life

Simple life does not need only an outhouse and a chimney to clean, it can be simple because of emptiness of the streets and creativity… It is simple because nature always wins. Simple… because you choose not to be bothered … Continue reading

The sand

The sand, the sea… tiny pebbles, huge rocks, boulders… winds. That air, the smell… Birds and the horizon. So amazing. Whispering about the past sea people who were brave enough to discover, scream: the land, I see the land! The … Continue reading

And the winds…

Outside it is windy, stormy windy, rain is overwhelming, those sounds, whispers… when the wind stops for a moment you feel lost… Lost, abandoned. Lonely in this primal loneliness known to those who were before us. Who knew that nature … Continue reading


And somehow… changes all around. New taxes, more taxes, more money to… no idea what, where… I mean, well, nature, it is at least cray enough to be easily understood. And I am still struggling with autumnal leaves? I mean … Continue reading

And now…

They say winter is coming back… after two weeks of mild even too warm, wet weather it is coming back? Is it? Really? So all those bugs an waters, this warm, soggy wetness will disappear? Will it be really a … Continue reading