Oh my… this is my world. The world of the coast and beachy, sandy vibe and rocks and a river and… And more blooms and sea… And some saltiness and some wind of course… you know, wind is not so … Continue reading

Walking around

I mean… walking around is a really fun time. Watching the gardens, wildflowers, smelling that honey air… … sweet and warm… We had first hot day, over 24 degrees C. It was hot for May. People seem to love it… … Continue reading

More hare

Yeah, I know. But come on, everyone has or wants to have a pet. Hard to call a hare a pet, but still, he eats my herbs, he is mine. Joke! ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ Become a sponsor… there will be a list … Continue reading

Spirit animal?

I mean… you have your spirit animals… but through the life it somehow grows… like for me it was always a polar bear an crows. Then came antlers and horns. And now… seagulls and this one watching me. I feel … Continue reading


I mean… They are just so perfect. So amazing. Soooo… I miss winter, who the heck am I kidding, I am ready for autumn already. Yes flowers re awesome, I love them, but trees more. I mean, here every season … Continue reading


I mean, okay, blooming spring started here late and trees are blooming and changing into green in one night… They are in a hurry. Everything somehow is. ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ Become a sponsor… there will be a list of sponsors if I … Continue reading


It is like… whispers everywhere. Stories you can hear… and accept or throw away. And song and messages and so much more. Here… ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ Become a sponsor… there will be a list of sponsors if I get one… There is … Continue reading

Walk walk walk

It is so simple… for free almost… I mean really. Truly. I love woods. It is life… it is inspiration, breathing, it is so much and even more… thought too many of you all somehow think we can live without … Continue reading

And then…

I mean, people come to this island with some expectations. With hope but also visions painted them by others… Bicycles, other stuff, walking, trekking, maybe even swimming, trolling… fish, sailing, windsurfing. Some think only about beaches… I am the old … Continue reading