Well I fall in love… in fact it was like a lightning. I was so sick and green looking after my first sea trip, but when I finally get off that ferry, and touched – in fact it was not even a rock or ground? – the Island, I fell in love. I felt for the first time, I am home…

So I did everything to move here and breath Bornholm everyday.

Now I want to tell You my story. My and Bornholm of course. I will try to write a whole year of Island live. Weather, nature, people and history. I will take photos – what I do, it is like an addiction! Will try to talk to people, what will not be easy, because I am crazy – and I hope my story will finally change into a book.

Bornholm is a danish island. This green one! This full of magic and secrets! In fact for me – a pure fanatic – She is a state of mind.

An addiction.

You will not find here loud places, but welcome if You are looking for fresh air, amazing sea, stones, rocks and the softest sand, deep forest, streams, rivers!!! Here is an amazing, fairytale architecture and stories covered with moss. This Island is a great healer, will help You to rest and find Yourself. But yeah we have the greatest amount of Artist on one square meter. Amazing people full of passion… and open minded.

If You want to meet a place which is amazing, awesome, natural and ancient, if You are looking for something more than JUST FUN… it is a place for You!

For know if You need more information about me, feel welcome to check my other blogs and pages on Facebook: www.gallerikobaltowawrona.dk, www.snebamse.dk and www.7smoki.eu.

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Chepcher Jones

PS. All my photos are for sale of course, cost is 150DKK – I use paypal 7smoki@7smoki.eu After paying you get full sized photo on your email address. Thank you for helping my thriving.