Those pumpkins which appear here around October sometimes stay until Jul… and sometimes disappear to reappear in the woods on the fields where they come back to soil and… are reborn. Unless some dumbo smashes them… sooo usually birds have … Continue reading

And the colors

Sometimes it is all in those buildings. The dreams, stories, wishes which want to come true. The past, the present time and future… which will come, it is for sure but… will they stll be here? Still? Colorful homes and … Continue reading

The view

To be honest… well, we have the best views here. I mean really. Especially when you just come by in a hurry. When you have to make something happen and start to look at the sea, trees, roofs… all of … Continue reading


I mean, you feel like a time lord or the Doctor himself sometimes, here… Walking on the paths which were used years ago. Because not much changed here. Only those trees, so many is new… so many has fallen, too … Continue reading

Under the surface…

Under the surface can be everything. Castles and dragons, princes and berries of magical powers and mountains, hidden treasures… Everything. To be honest, under this surface can be everything… the mirror above it reflects what is there, up there, the … Continue reading

The pond

I mean there is a bunch of water spots here. We have lakes and ponds, or paddles… or even something more unusual. They are called cow’s holes. Well… logical, right? But there is something about Gråmyr what makes it even … Continue reading

Leaf by leaf

Leaf by leaf… they just fall away… still green, still not changed but they fly away… it is truly a weird autumn. Very weird. Too warm, not enough windy… not so colorful… ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ Become a sponsor… there will be a … Continue reading


When it is gloomy, you can hide. You can hide in your home, work, woods, on the rocks… In fact it is a bit not hiding… more like experiencing this gloominess. It is for you here… for you only. Although, … Continue reading


Oh yes, it is dark… as light it was so dark it can be and it is so crazy refreshing, that… I just can not believe it. Can not believe it came back here… this amazing grey and freshness and … Continue reading


Day by day, longer darkness, gloominess, amazing hygge… Oh yes. So amazing! I do not get why people so love summer, really. Hygge needs gloominess, rain, wind and candles. Candles are a must be. ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ Become a sponsor… there will … Continue reading