To be honest, I am so happy summer is over. And even with the rivers still being shallow and the sea far away, weirdly not deep enough and waterfalls… Not quite working… Oh well, there is always handmade which melts … Continue reading


Well, Sundays here are crazy. People in the woods, on the paths, with dogs, huge families, lovers and those who just wanna to talk… Oh yes, here Sundays are for walking! Since early hours you can find people in the … Continue reading

Deep there

Deep in the grass it is still autumn. To be honest, snow disappeared after few days and it is autumn again… Grey weather, colors on the branches and ground, still not enough water… weird time. Julemarkets started and still it … Continue reading


Seaside is here… so diverse. Soo… all included. Mixed. Magical. You have rocks, cliffs, soft beaches, white sands, pink little stones… huge boulders. Everything. ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ Become a sponsor… there will be a list of sponsors if I get one… There … Continue reading

And cats…

Oh yes, we have them here… Yup. You sometimes can even smell it. But much more important is… it is colder, snow is here… it is… well, different than week ago. The weather went bonkers from 15C to -5C… ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ … Continue reading

And leaves…

And still leaves on branches, and snow, bit of frost and then again above the zero… Changes, everywhere. Normality, it is something impossible. ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ Become a sponsor… there will be a list of sponsors if I get one… There is … Continue reading

And snow came…

I mean we got snow few days ago, on Saturday… A lot of snow… Amazing snow, thick layer, like never, I mean, okay, it happens so rarely… Yeah, I went to take photos but you got to wait! ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ Become … Continue reading