In the air

There is some kind of waiting in the air. Some kind of expectations mixed with opportunities. Something what happens every year… winds coming, rain, hopefully… Seasons changing. ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ Become a sponsor… there will be a list of sponsors if I … Continue reading

The wind

Here the wind is more like a person. Some kind of a celebrity. Gives us power but also destroys things and people. Sometimes comes a wind which is so mental, so… crashing brains and feelings. Other winds bring headaches or … Continue reading

The grass

The grass and the wind, perfect combination, not for those fighting with allergies… so, also me, but still, look at this wilderness, dried but still dancing… Weirdly still happy because it is cooler, we had some rain, not enough to … Continue reading

A walk…

I mean something so simple here is almost like… a thing most trendy, something most fashionable, something… I mean, it is somehow checking how the sea is going on or how the island changed, I mean in the meaning of … Continue reading

From the window

Yeah, this is my view… Cool, right? Okay, now, go back to work. ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ Become a sponsor… there will be a list of sponsors if I get one… There is paypal button up there  YAY you can be someone … Continue reading

For rent

There are places for rent here… I mean, homes, rooms, tents, tiny cottages… By the woods and rivers, by the lakes or rocks or sea… ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ Become a sponsor… there will be a list of sponsors if I get one… … Continue reading

Autumn and all that jazz

I mean berries, blue sky and bits of the home which we saw because our friends were renting it and… Come on, I love to watch houses. Design, demons, etc… ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ Become a sponsor… there will be a list of … Continue reading


Autumn starts with September… … simple. It is autumn. Somehow here it started with temperature going down. Really down. Now at night it is even 8 degrees… I mean really. It is quite chilly. Cold even or maybe… very cold? … Continue reading

Still blooms

I mean… my garden is for me still a mystery. Started by previous owner it still hides bits I a not familiar with. And it blooms for so long… Colorfully. To be honest, gardens on this island never disappoint. Even … Continue reading