Standing stones

I mean… walking in Louisenlund is something special… Always. And yes, it looks like stones were dancing. Though I wish they would took more care of this place, plant some birch maybe and other trees in place of those fallen … Continue reading


Poppies. Red drops of blood… Oh come one, it looks so. So complimented by the shades of green and light shadows. So… old fashioned? Nostalgic almost… imagine see it while walking or biking? Just being outside and all of sudden … Continue reading


Grass, wheat, future bread, flour… Food. To be honest so much around is food but we had forgotten about it. Even here where there is like… rocks and a pinch of soil. LOL ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ Become a sponsor… there will be … Continue reading

It rains…

Sometimes it rains here… still, rivers are off and waterfalls now. It is dry and too sunny. But yeah, summer, right? Not amused, still… Waiting for rain. ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ Become a sponsor… there will be a list of sponsors if I … Continue reading


Sometimes an hour id too much, a minute is enough. To fall in love with a land… A land having everything but smaller.  Waterfalls and rocks, almost mountains, hills and meadows and all kinds of beaches and… my private blue … Continue reading


Sooo… yeah, I created a meadow in a place where… as the smarter heads said: nothing will grow… or maybe it created itself, sometimes I think it is all not me, okay, I worked with spade and lost some seeds … Continue reading

All in details

I mean… while walking, especially in the cities and villages it is o worthy to check for all those amazing details. Colorful, intriguing. Mesmerizing. Truly. ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ Become a sponsor… there will be a list of sponsors if I get one… … Continue reading


I mean, yes, we have a problem. Because of… to be honest only the politicians and tourists, we are getting emptier and emptier… There is a law which forbids selling a house to someone who will not be living here … Continue reading

Flowers in the city

I mean… … flowers… especially here, growing on the rocks, brave, amazing, spectacular sometimes… And the gaard and all that old/antic vibes… And… more. ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ Become a sponsor… there will be a list of sponsors if I get one… There … Continue reading

New finds

I mean really, have never been in this part of this street… was a bit to the right and a bit to the left, but exactly here on my feet… Nope. And look how cute it is around! ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ Become … Continue reading