Again in the city…

March was sunny like April is. Or more like… almost was LOL Sunny, though cold. So ending month was… a mix of everything. Feelings, full moons etc. Tourists… tests, again tests, hopes… I think isolation on an island is something … Continue reading

More flowers in the city…

I mean really. Flowers, city… maybe more like a village, but still, come one… This is Gudhjem. City… LOL ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ Become a sponsor… there will be a list of sponsors if I get one… There is paypal button up there … Continue reading


And March was running fast… With tests, first tourists, holidays, Easter… Everything. Huge bunnies… ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ Become a sponsor… there will be a list of sponsors if I get one… There is paypal button up there  YAY you can be … Continue reading


In fact it was middle of March and we had a few of them… To be honest it is still chilly here, not that I am fuming about it, because I prefer less sun and less warmth… Truly. ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ Become … Continue reading

The Hellig One

The Holy Woman, amazing, still standing. Even then everything smells like… shit, well manure if we want to be specific, though still… yuck. It is a smelly day… Though if you get close enough to the sea or deep in … Continue reading


And all those structures, surfaces, aromas and… sadness, though also beauty, geometry of the past life. Of the forest. Which was here a moment ago. And now… is only emptiness. ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ Become a sponsor… there will be a list of … Continue reading

Water and air

Air and water, trees and rocks… Everything. Still chilly, though you can smell everything waking up. Though still it is not visible. Crazy… because usually we have flowers so early, and now, almost May and still no white carpets… still … Continue reading


I hate it but also I am obsessed with all those shapes, the smell… It is amazing, though also tears falling my face somehow tell me, that everything sucks, truly. Still sucks. Especially here where we were suppose to be … Continue reading

In March…

In March we thought spring is here… Then it changed. Now, it is still chilly like for our island. I mean, you got to think about weather here really… freely.. Truly. Trust me. You just see, feel, and know it … Continue reading

And mornings…

Time change, again… weird feelings. Mornings dark, again. It was a short time, though I liked it so much… Now everything is sunny around 6 am. It makes me tired. Somehow. The world here changed… people changed. Trees disappeared. ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ … Continue reading