Big belly

I mean really… Sometimes the beach looks like a huge belly with many belly buttons. LOL Truly, especially this one in Melsted. This not so crowded usually, this one with a river… always open. Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL … Continue reading


That spring thing which started around end of January in February went full bloom when it comes to early flowers. Snowdrops were though bit hesitant. They knew… I am almost sure they knew what is going on. PS. Something new … Continue reading


Yup… Well, you all know how world works right now and though Bornholm was not touched so painfully by it, economy is crawling… Tourists? Maybe there will be some. We will see… everything changes all the time. Remember about my … Continue reading


New designs in our shop, usually are created with mornings… amazing, full of sun… and yes, all photos were done… Through the window. Because why not? LOL Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL And INSTAGRAM!!! And even one for this … Continue reading

Light and pieces

Light, path, pieces. I can be easily distracted. Really. I am obsessed with everything, every structure, every branch, moss, piece of wood, stone, sound, surface… I see shapes which others do not see until I show them… I am different. … Continue reading