Just the woods

Walking. Breathing. Forgetting what is going on with this planet. Is it possible? Nope, but at least for a moment you recharge yourself, you keep faith in… trees. Island. Gods… whatever. And you get distracted by this whole diversity, beauty… … Continue reading

And will it?

The weather forecast says… winter is coming. Now temperatures are… low. Lower than in January or December. Morning frost. Better not to touch the garden… Weird time. Few months ago it was a one frosty day. Oh, and a vagina … Continue reading

Oh my!

And there was a tiny bit of ice this winter. Really! And now we have only sun, and weird dryness in the air. Oh no… Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL And INSTAGRAM!!! And even one for this blog!!! Look … Continue reading


I call Him Grandpa. I hug him and brush his hair… moss. I do bring him gifts and his old friend too… a bit broken one. And… I love him. Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL And INSTAGRAM!!! And even … Continue reading


There is a legend… and to be honest we heard about people living on the island whole life and not seeing them… a legend about beards. Beards which are taken off because of winter and moving into human’s homes. Really. … Continue reading


After a week, everything sometimes norms up. People are still running, walking, but there is only a bunch of them. Shopping but of course scared. One jumped on another when the first one asked about some private space. Spitted on … Continue reading