Well… October was not so stuffed with colors as I wanted. Really disappointing. Still… I was waiting for November, but… It sucks. Foggy, wet and gloomy… I love gloomy photos, but come on, I wanted this boring, rich in colors … Continue reading

Two sides

It was a weird day, half of my island gloomy and foggy, half semi sunny and bright… Weird. But somehow normal. For this place. LOL Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL And INSTAGRAM!!! If you need some fun!!! more LOL … Continue reading

You never know…

Weather forecast here is something… well, what someone wrote down and then, well, forgotten to check. Or wrote because why not. Something got to be put on, right? The island will decide what to do… Remember about my crazy YouTube … Continue reading

Different sea

Yes, the sea changes. It can be quiet or very mad… can be blue or red. Can be invisible almost or so overwhelming. Living creature. The sea. Sometimes very smelly sea what makes birds very happy. Enjoy watching them and … Continue reading