Sometimes… or maybe I should say: always… people forget when come here for holidays, that other live here. That it is for them a normal home. You know, a place where you hide, do the regular stuff… Go to work. … Continue reading

The woods

Oh my, we have so many kinds of woods, forests, woodlands… Just trees standing in small groups, or just trees… lonely, because they like it this way… but this place is a pure magic. Paradisbakkerne is just magic. Remember about … Continue reading

Go deeper…

Go deeper… the surface is amazing, all those reflections, all that stuff… it is mesmerazing, but deeper is more. And we forget about it too often. Too often. Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL And INSTAGRAM!!! If you need some … Continue reading


Grass and wood. Trees and plants. Simple things, still, so fascinating. I could just be there, stay there, live there… if not those itching… and bugs, oh no, mosquitoes!!! LOL Luckily we don’t have many of them. Remember about my … Continue reading