Sooo… yes, they are here. Fishing heroes. I mean really… one question. How do they stand there and not pee? Or how do they pee dressed in that rubber suit? Truly? Asking for a friend. Oh, who am I kidding … Continue reading


Maybe they are not huge, maybe even mostly broken… Maybe… Still, they look like jewels! Most amazing. Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL And INSTAGRAM!!! If you need some fun!!! more LOL and check me on FineArtAmerica. PS. Remember also, … Continue reading

March 4

And still cold winds, but also this burning sun… Weird weather. Very weird. And when will it change into something like early summer? Not that I am missing it, but still, just thinking too much… Remember about my crazy YouTube … Continue reading

March 3

Fuuuuc….g cold today. Like for May. I swear it was warmer in March, really. Or maybe it is weirder, this coldness now? No idea. But cold and sunny today… Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL And INSTAGRAM!!! If you need … Continue reading

March 2

And days were cold, but sunny… And flowers started to bloom even more, but weirdly slowly. Like they knew that on May we will have hail! Snow even!!! Yeah, today! I mean… we turn up the heating!!! Remember about my … Continue reading


March came sunny with cold, freezing, northern winds. Flowers were still up. In fact, I mean really… we still have some hyacinths around! Weird, right? Maybe because of this weird weather which can be super cold or super hot, what … Continue reading

And walking…

I really sometimes think why people do not describe my island this way… as one of the walking islands. I mean, not that She walks, though maybe she does still… Walking here is just a perfect thing. The most amazing … Continue reading