Always something

There is always something to discover on my island. Always something new, always something what can be seen in another light, from different side… Always. I am surprised how this small part of Earth is changing, and how humans sometimes … Continue reading

By the coast

On the rocks, quietly sitting close to the bins, are all those treasures, memories, signs of very alcoholic nights or even days… It is the past. It is something what happened, but sometimes, you can find more. Forgotten pieces, waiting … Continue reading

Until dusk

But… for one dusk for other dawn, so… Does it really matter? Or maybe only colors, subtle change in the air, waves… calmness. But also all those monsters hidden in shadows… not sure about them. Walking with the thicker air … Continue reading

And today?

Today is rainy, gloomy, lovely… finally the air is lacking that dusty smell of hot, drought, summer. I can be alive again. I forgot how the rain sounds like, how it smells like… AMAZING. How simple and rich it is… … Continue reading