Weird stuff…

I mean… okay, it happens often of from tie to time… something weird, something new, unusual even. This year’s winner it must be the color of the harbor in Svaneke. The small one. Just look at this soft, minty vibe. … Continue reading


It was hot, it is hot and it is getting even hotter. Painful experience. You can not breath, you look at hose poor animals outside looking for any shadow, but in shadow, surprisingly for my island, it is still… HOT. … Continue reading

In the middle

In the middle of the past month everything was hot, summery and… oh yes, no fire! No BBQs no bonfires no fun or many. We had no Sct. Hans no Ildnat. Still, even struggling, nature was amazing. Remember about my … Continue reading

It went…

But where? Where is it now? Oh, of course I know, but still, when you sit down, watch this huge show, you somehow wanna say: went to some fairy land with some huge pillows and bed and its own home … Continue reading

The silence

It is amazing how, during the sunset, people sitting around, everything goes so quiet… even those nasty humans. Maybe some of them smoke, some whisper, but most of them is only watching. Only is the weird part of this setting … Continue reading

Fluffy pieces 2

And it was getting darker and darker, and more golden and even more… amber like. And little fluffy tails were still swimming, playing, eating… Still the night was almost here, but the light was here too… because around this time … Continue reading

Just sit…

Just sit and watch. Sit and wait. Do nothing more. Just be there. In that place, that time, that moment… try to remind yourself how it is to breath in, out and again. Listen to yourself… And to this island. … Continue reading

Sandy pieces

It is like… after swimming I am unable to just lie down and be a french frite. I mean really. I can not just do nothing, so… I do things. I take photos… Because the world here is amazing, and … Continue reading