Welcome… in a first part of April, which was surprisingly snowy. Really snowy. Happy Easter. LOL PS. Now outside hot again. Everything is dying. It is just awful, but perfect for vacatin holidays and etc. Remember about my crazy YouTube … Continue reading

And April…

Finally. April. I am so late in those photos, but so much happened, that… I had to show you everything. See, here snow is not something guaranteed. Sooo… April. Oh yes, End of March was sunny, but with tiny snowy … Continue reading


And it came… and it was sunny, and all that happy stuff. You know. End of another month, holidays coming, some birthdays… Everyone thought it is time to melt, rebirth, rebuild. I almost dived into those waves! Seriously!!! Remember about … Continue reading


Okay, it is my obsession. Come on, everyone has something! And it is the okay one. Trust me. Reflections can be painful but only if you got to lie down on a uneven concrete, tiny stones and with ants. Oh … Continue reading

It was sooo…

Lovely. Still cold, but finally sunny and bright. Really lovely. Amazing. All this light finally woke up… and was so hopebringing. Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL And INSTAGRAM!!! If you need some fun!!! more LOL and check me on … Continue reading


And snow, and spring, and snow, and melting… More this, more that, I mean really, it was a very crazy, although cool weather. Cold, but still adorable. As always. This island can not be ugly… Remember about my crazy YouTube … Continue reading

And again, really?

Okay… so March was ending lovely, melting… All those colors, all those flowers, spring walks, just lovely, right? But still, something was wrong, because leaves where like: nope, not coming out. We should be smarter and not so surprised when … Continue reading

One more time…

I think it was third time of spring coming… but this time everyone was sue it will stay here. It was getting warmer, snow was melting, but we still had some patched… Still some icy sculptures, still some fun. March … Continue reading