First snow

First snow came with a foggy, dark, wet weather in a middle of January… Well, it was more rainy than snowy, but still, counts! Right? We had winter. Almost real one!!! Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL And INSTAGRAM!!! If … Continue reading

Stop the time

Stop the time. Freeze it. Just make it not running, just give me a moment to stop, admire, and not loose time, because I can look at them for so long… Sooo long… Look at plants, waters, walls, windows… look … Continue reading

Cold and calm

In fact January was so calm and cold. Quiet and peaceful. In newspapers all those nasty news, because peace dos not sell well… But here, somehow you can forget. Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL And INSTAGRAM!!! If you need … Continue reading


Okay… so only a bit below zero, but here it is… Some ice. Life closed in a glassy shapes. Waters calmer. You wanna jump in, but it is not a good idea for your snotty nose. LOL Remember about my … Continue reading


Okay, cold in our way. It was just… not cold if someone knows how really cold it can be, but… it is like with UK so not used to snow. Every piece of this place can be so amazingly beautiful. … Continue reading

How it started?

Winter of 2018 started slowly… only bit cooler weather, wet everywhere, no snow. Cows still out, but those are fighters, such cute fighters. And that light! amazing, deep and low, goldish so much. People are so often surprised when we … Continue reading

Walking in everywhere…

Walking… just walking. Quick and slower, few squads, perfect exercise. I mean really. I do recommend walking for everybody. LOL Walking, breathing and watching the world around us. It is so exiting, changing all the time, so fascinating, so… one … Continue reading

So silky… 2

And like an amber sweetness. Like all this cuddly, softy… you do not see that cold, can not hear my teeth singing not a very quiet song… But it is always worth it. Always. Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL … Continue reading

So silky…

I mean the softest, the most amazing in all this tenderness… velvety… The sea. Mighty power, which sometimes just shows how adorably wavy it can be… Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL And INSTAGRAM!!! If you need some fun!!! more … Continue reading