No light?

No light? Or maybe just a different one… this coming out from muddy, wet spaces, coming out with a weird fog… Coming from the underworld maybe? Zombies? Nooo… or maybe? Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL And INSTAGRAM!!! If you … Continue reading

Storm again…

Windy time, wavy time, loud time… still, time which I can not live without. Really. Never thought a human being can be addicted to storms. Really. Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL And INSTAGRAM!!! If you need some fun!!! more … Continue reading

Reflect me

Reflections. Okay, I am obsessed by this what most of people does not even find cool, or see… Or find cool, attractive. Somehow I am just this short human being living under people’s butts. I mean really. Do you know … Continue reading


I have snow! YAY!!! And strong wind, so it is awesome… but of course photos are still from last year. LOL For more actual photos go to my Facebook page. Because… just because it is so funny to see colors … Continue reading


I always wonder what kind of memories people take from my Island. Will they always remember the sea, beaches, rocks, or little cottages and flowers? Or maybe food? Or just calming silence, birds singing, or pooping? LOL Huge ice cream … Continue reading