Waves and winds…

It is always amazing, although also crazy. And you got to be careful, still… those waves, those colors, everything… that power! People like to be close of those holding power and rich, and suddenly, when stormy, sea is also the … Continue reading


Elves, fairies, dwarfs… nisser, trolls, all that stuff. Maybe called those who live under the ground, but in fact, they are here. All around you. They really are. Playing with leaves, tickling you if you fall asleep on a warm … Continue reading

Blue on blue?

Today… strong wind outside, spooky weather, and I am still stuck in summer photos. Yeah, sorry. But why am I saying sorry? Not sorry at all. Remember about my crazy YouTube LOL And INSTAGRAM!!! If you need some fun!!! more … Continue reading


I mean really. One day and you can see interesting architecture, beach, walking, swimming, flowers, sun and wind. If you get lucky, you can also get some fresh rain, but only for a moment. Sometimes… a rainbow. Or a few … Continue reading


Such difference between this and that. Such difference between north and south. So many pieces which are common, so many… One and only. This one small island id just a mix of everything. So everyone can find something for himself. … Continue reading

You never know…

When you wake up now, with this proper darkness around… what will happen. What will this day be? What will appear, what will disappear? What will… Even during summer, you forget that they planned something and roads can be closed. … Continue reading

How is it?

How is it to be totally in love with an island? Simple. Like others love it is impossible to explain. You can talk about beauty, you can whisper about sounds, colors and wilderness, sheep, birds, sea and cottages… You can … Continue reading