Bushy light

Oh yes… I am waiting for this time when they start to bloom. Simple bushes, still this redness, white flowers, smell… Come on, they are like one and only brides. Like heroines with the blood of the evil ones on … Continue reading

Day by day

And this is how we live here. We may have trolls and dwarfs, but still… every day is normal. I mean really. Regular. And calm… of course when it is not the high season. And flowery – remember photos still … Continue reading


Oh yes… you know I love souvenirs, but there is a secret you may not be aware of… I am addicted to scented candles. To lovely aromas… And a shop appeared in Gudhjem, which I wanna tell you about. Which … Continue reading

Light everywhere…

May had this amazing light… everywhere. Touching, cuddling, tickling… All those leaves and flowers, greenery and hopes. Everything smiling. Weirdly, because it was still cold. Okay, let call it no warm!!! PS. Remember all photos are for sale, those on … Continue reading