When the sun…

Even when the sun goes to bed… everything, this amazing calmness, still is here. Still is so thick, and safe. It will change soon. With summer, a bit louder and busy, it will be a bit different… as usual. As … Continue reading

Life in the sea

I know there are fish and birds, and creatures I do not wanna meet ever… and mermaids, krakens and maybe few sea dwarfs? And those weird people with half tails, which were seen here by many… But really an U … Continue reading

And only nature?

Yes, because why not? Of course from time to time I will go to the city and photograph the buildings and cottages, but here… Nature is everything. The strong rain which was dancing outside this night, still smells the air, … Continue reading

You can everywhere…

I mean really, everywhere here you ca find something stunning, something breathtaking, something so beautiful, that you decide, to not leave this place… Forever. This is how it is when it comes to my Island. It shocks you… friendly, but … Continue reading

Sunny, but…

Yup, May was sunny, but chilly. Although it was okay to jump into the waves, still all plants are so tiny. It looks just weird. End of March was the same, only colder, what let the flowers of early spring … Continue reading