Morning today was amazingly misty and cool! So fresh. I could dive in it… but I was so sleepy!!! Why the heck I was so sleepy!!! So tired. Still, on my photos March. No worries. It was awesome! It was … Continue reading


I love reflections. This is my little hobby, to find them everywhere… to play with light, to just show something totally different, than just a typical postcard views. Because me is me, ad my Island has everything. … Continue reading

How can it be?

How can this place be so complicated and perfect in one time? How can it be so breathtaking, calm, but also loud and crazy when season starts? How can it be everything… Do not use my photos without my permission. … Continue reading

Me so under

Under the sky, the trees, under the flowers and first petals. Under first leaves and buds. So under. Under too many thoughts, weird theories, quarrels. Under. Because I live here, on this Island and I can, at least from time … Continue reading