Just amazing

You just walk… woods are greeting you, cuddling you, trees seem to be so happy. It is an early spring. More than late winter, but still. No leaves. Awesome road changing into sandy one… and then suddenly it is here!!! … Continue reading

Freeze 2

… it was really an amazing day with all those creations. With all those leaves. With… It was. Even if was also cold like… you know, like very! LOL But this Island surprises me with every day. … Continue reading


Last freeze… I mean really and totally… Nothing too cold in fact, just those amazing creatures made of water and cold. Just lovely… see, art on this Island is so simple. But stunning. … Continue reading

Just the sky

Just the sky, just some colors, just… things happening. Just, right? PS. Remember all my photos are for sale!!! It take only 150DKK each (less if you buy more than 3), paypal and your email, and you can print it … Continue reading