Of course we have problems on my lovely Island. Of course we are in troubles and fear is present here, but… … of course we are struggling, and sometimes bursting, of course. But… nature can calm us. Gently, or a … Continue reading

Wet light…

I really start to believe that this year’s autumn just melted. into the sea, into cute, small puddles, ponds and lakes… Just melted. Got no idea why, but I really think so… maybe there was something in the air, maybe … Continue reading

And what now?

Jul is coming, here everything is about the light… and the darkness. And of course this amazing line between the sea and the land. But for now… we are still getting darker, right? Right. But when I step into the … Continue reading

So what?

So what if we do not have fancy shops here… at least I do not have to wear fancy clothes to the woods, when I am looking for more stones, graves and symbols… At least I can be myself, at … Continue reading