Yes I can…

This is just amazing, but yes, I can get up now and go to the beach. It is sunny and windy, and frosty a bit, so could be fun, right? I can…


I am always amazed by the waves, wind, sand and rocks, but by people telling me how jealous of this they are… not so much. It in fact sounds weird, because most of you say it in that weird anger… But… You can go to IKEA, I can not. LOL We all have something to be jealous of. We all choose where we wanna live but also, we all struggle. We all have problems. Even with a sea seeing from a garden.

But here, when you go out, turn off internet and all that stuff, pain, struggle, everything nasty is no longer important.

The sea is a great therapist.

PS. I am not better or worst, I only live on/in – for me – the most amazing piece of the world. Life is not easier only because of the views. Or maybe it can be? Maybe we all should start to look around and say, it is not that bad, not bad at all? There is beauty in everything? Maybe?

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