Go orange!

Well, maybe not my best, fav ever color… I am more a blue person, real, but… When it appears on the sky, it is different. Not sweet, and juicy, nor round and fruity… it is scary. I mean even on … Continue reading

When it rains…

I love when it rains. The sound, smell, all those drops dancing around… Just so adorable. Especially, when in fact  the sky is still… blue. Only here, on my Island, you can have blue sky, rain and sun all together … Continue reading

So what?

So what if it is end of summer? So what if kids go to school? So what? For me… this is time for fun, especially here, on my Island… my lovely, perfect Island. Slowly autumn is coming, so you can … Continue reading

In the city

Yeah, I know… again I used that word! The city… I know! But still, how you wanna call it? Countryside? A village? But it is not a village… In Poland they have this cool word: osada… that could suit. Settlement? … Continue reading