You can!

You can see them… tiny dwarfs walking to the beach. I mean you can really see them. Dragging their wives, kids and bags of food… In fact doing the same thing what we do. Only in a smaller version!!! LOL … Continue reading

Go go go!

Go and find your place. The one which will be your one and only. Check all of them, but when you find it, just… Stay longer. Come more often. You can be sure there is something extra hidden by The … Continue reading

Jump in!!!

I mean really… or maybe do not jump, just walk in… Let those clean waves touch you, whisper to you, tickle you. Naughty waves!!! LOL Swim, or just sit, stand, or play… just be a part of the sea, for … Continue reading

I mean really…

Trust me! Or maybe better do not… check it yourself. Listen trolls in the woods, look for fairies, get this calm inside, pack it, and save for later… I mean really! You can breath my Island inside of you, and … Continue reading

And so…

Well, when it is so hot you just look for shadows, ice cream, and cool waves… logical, right? But sometimes, when you look for a shadow, you can also be looked by one. Beware LOL … Continue reading

Go deeper…

Deeper into the woods, between tickling grass – but beware of ticks! – between all those whispers, and listen to the stories of those who are free. Just take a moment, and listen… nothing more, nothing less too. You can … Continue reading