Go blue!

Especially when everything, even trolls and stones are sweating… When Danmark is waiting for rain, but of course my Island will keep sunny… Especially, when… you just really need it. Go blue! LOL … Continue reading

And why not?

I mean really, why not? I can be a little fanatic of this place. I can, right? Nothing wrong in loving your home, nothing wrong in cherishing it. Nothing, right… although someone here really upset me. I mean really, I … Continue reading

Go blue!

Usually the sky is blue here, and the sea and ponds, rivers… But sometimes even fields get blue. Just because they can, right? Or maybe it was so windy, and they got… you know, a bit seasick? LOL … Continue reading


Some people got dogs, oh my I love dogs, always say Hi to them, when walking… or cats, or some have bugs, and I really do not want to think about it. See… I was chosen by them. Crows. And … Continue reading

All those lovely…

… trees, waves, beaches, cottages, clouds, rays, flowers… Okay, for me here on my Island, everything is just lovely and perfect. Beautiful and stunning, so forgive me… or not, but even birdy poops look like fallen angels. Seriously!!! Just look … Continue reading

Sooo… you went?

Sooo, you just go. Walking. Simple as it is. Body moves, brain is working, breathing like crazy… You just walk. Woods, trees, lovely path and you do not have your phone, so no Pokemons!!! Although I think it could be … Continue reading

Wheel of life

Well, when I was a kid there were poppies and cornflowers… and chamomiles and even more flowers. Now… it is really hard to find some. So when I found them, I really had fun. REALLY LOL PS. Will they be … Continue reading