People ask…

People often ask where I go for vacation. And I find it really weird, sorry. Yup, I can not afford leaving my Island, check how expensive ferry is and I can not take a plane… but still… why? Why should … Continue reading

Will it? Ever?

Sooo… I wake up. Got to back door, open them and look at the sea. Sometimes there is a huge ship which looks always so unreal and geometrically wrong… sometimes there is a white triangle, simple boat… So bright. Sometimes … Continue reading

Sea you!

Sooo… How are Sea? How are you feeling today? What are your passions, and how much do you get for waving and keeping naked humans inside? Do you like summer? How is it to keep in surface Leonora Christina? … Continue reading

Into the marsh 3

Because it is not only marshy and wet, full of buzzing bugs, it is also… rocky. And with all those cool trees looking like a dancer, who will again start to move when I turn… Everything is so hot. Everything … Continue reading