Nexø is here 2

I do not get it why people only choose beaches not those streets, lovely cottages, not this what in fact shows so much about amazing people here… Why? Of course I love nature and without trees I would be totally … Continue reading

Nexø is here

From time to time, I just go to the city… Oh come on, do not laugh! Yup, this is the city right, bornholmsk style!!! LOL Here is Nexø. Simple and colorful… Amazing sometimes, stunning, wild… waterly and full of birds. … Continue reading

Fields of…

I saw field of chives once… that was smelly, but field of lupines is just stunning. Amazing and smells so lovely! Did you ever where touched by lupines? Did you let yourself to just breath them? Just look at them … Continue reading


I really know there is space all around us. Wait, I mean The Space! Final Frontier, you know where this Enterprise flies… Where green/grey aliens live. And of course Space Wars and Star Trek is still going on? LOL I … Continue reading