Just shut up

I mean really, shut up and look around. Say nothing, yup thinking is necessary!!! Just look… Or just eat!!! LOL I mean really! Sit down, or take your meal and go to the beach… it is so easy in Promenadekiosken. … Continue reading

Give me a break!

Oh yes, i live on an Island. Yup, we have no McDonald’s and Pizza Hut. You will not find here fancy shops… easier to find art, amazing paintings and ceramic than posh booties and clothes. Sorry… Yup, I live on … Continue reading

Just try…

Just try not to be amazed by my Island. Try it! I dear you! See you can not. Even if you prefer shops, there is something in these rocks so fancy, that you can see yourself all dressed up and … Continue reading

So much going on!

I mean really! There is so much going on here now… I really do not get people who say that my island is boring! We had Trolling, Festival of Choirs… now Kunstrund and all that arty stuff. Sunny May started … Continue reading

Long weekend?

Finally we have a long weekend on May! YAY!!! What to do with this time? A garden? Some walking? Or maybe swimming? Living on an Island can be hard sometimes, but for most of time it is like being on … Continue reading

Sunny days!

I think it started. No morning frost, which we had for few days, no cold winds blowing… Sunny, warm, cozy weather. Al you wanna do is lie down and be a part of a beach or woods, or just some … Continue reading