The tracks

Yup, we had a train here. In fact you can still hear this special sound, feel the smell… maybe even see those people amazed by nature… If you stay very quiet you can here them talking. If you stop, you … Continue reading

End of May?

Really? End of May? Where, when… are you kidding me? It can not be almost summer! Just can not1 Okay, I know that it is very warm, hot even here and sunny and everything, but… Where did the time go? … Continue reading


We got trolls! I mean really, we got them. Under bridges, deep in the woods, stoned a bit. We got dwarfs too, and all magnificent magical beings… We got witches and all all those kinds of humans preferring nature from … Continue reading


Saturdays are so regular here… I mean really. Calm and funny. Maybe few cycle races… maybe more than few? This whats is really regular are… planes! Yup, Russians or not them, ours or Aliens, I mean for a moment it … Continue reading


Yeah… weekends are awesome. You can pretend you are a tourist. Just because. Go to one shop, buy few postcards and send them to someone. Or maybe go to the beach, or into the woods? Or just lie down and … Continue reading


Here you can cuddle everything and everyone… although I am not sure when it comes to humans how it is, but a lovely beary bumblebee is here. He comes to my window every morning for cuddles. Weird, right? Or maybe … Continue reading

If only…

… I could just lie down and watch the clouds today? I mean really, on the grass, between raps and mælkebøtten… yellow world, blue sky, blue sea, a bit calm today… If only someone could pay me for it, I … Continue reading

So sunny…

I mean really… it is like ALWAYS! Trust me it is!!! Weather forecast for Danmark in fact NEVER is a perfect reflection of this what is going on my Island. I mean really. Or like we are waiting for some … Continue reading