Of course I am hiding. Hiding from nasty world, from people always ready to… “help”. This is why I live here, on The Smaller End Of The World. Gorgeous End. My only way to be alive… … Continue reading

And what now?

May is coming! Yup, more tourists, more people, more ice cream too… shops will be open and tents will bloom… Well yeah, spring is in its full but maybe it is a bit cooler than year ago, but still, it … Continue reading

So what?

My Island suddenly changed. Green is covering the naked branches, the sea changes colors from blue to dark blue, cobalt blue and turquoise… Just spring, right? Maybe colder than a year ago, but is here. … Continue reading

Just another moment

I mean really, when I wake up, i look outside on my amazing cherry tree, on my Island, on those clouds and wait… for another moment. For those birds dancing on my roof, for flowers: violets and forget-me-nots… Just because … Continue reading

Long weekend

Happens once or twice in a year. This time thanks to Store Bededag we have a nice, sunny, warm time. For some of us just working in the garden, meeting friends, eating ice cream, walking and running… For some just … Continue reading

Tiny dancers

When it’s windy, and recently it is, tiny flowers seem to be so both so fragile and strong. In this no grass land still, only dressed in their amazing leaves, they dance… … like tiny dancers. The most amazing ballerinas. … Continue reading