My therapy

Well yes, my Island is my therapy. This is the reason I am not  only alive, but also creating and not feeling so lousy about that. I mean really. Rocks work, trees work, waters work even when thy are cold… … Continue reading

All I do now… 2

All I do is… waiting for snow, for low temperatures, and checking my beach! It is slowly disappearing. Or maybe not so slowly. Everything changes. Nature is a an amazing artist… very inpatient. Always ready to change something, always creating… … Continue reading

All I do now…

All I do now is watching my Island… looking at her naked rocks and branches. Amazing and a bit weird. Finding wet leaves, in so weird shapes, in dark brown, but also forgotten gold colors. My Island is still breathtaking, … Continue reading

Can I?

Can I stay in bed? I mean really for a whole day, and night, and day… cuddle with a pillow, under my blanket? Can I? Of course I can, but what for? This Island is too precious to miss it! … Continue reading

God Jul

Just slow down, go out, have it different… In fact this time is so precious, and this warm weather can make some of you weirdly happy… still, I miss snow!!! I need snow!!! And frosty… where is my frosty? LOL … Continue reading

One short trip

Two hours and you are in Sweden. I mean really. You just take a ferry, and suddenly are in a different world. I mean really. Just a short trip, wobbly maybe, still you can see something different. Something… more modern … Continue reading