When rainy…

When gloomy, rainy days come, I am always watching the photos from… week away. Just because I can. And colors make me happy! And my Island is so beautiful. Or even more beautiful, or even more more more… Yup, autumn, … Continue reading


My Island is full of reflections. And I am not talking about the windows, and glass sculptures or ponds, rivers and waves… I am talking about everything else. About myself reflected in leaves and brunches, in roofs and walls, ruins … Continue reading

Try it!

I mean really! Try it! When it rains try to find this amazing spot between clouds, between wet and dry, between windy and calm… Try to stand there and feel it. The nature. Amazing power… Of course when you live … Continue reading

Burger time again

Well… there is one place open after the season ended. You can eat something there, you can also take something home and forget about cooking. Amazing, fresh and huge with some bacon from Svaneke. Did I mentioned it was huge? … Continue reading