Slowly it starts. All those tiny wooden boots, red hats and white beards. And of course tiny doors. Oh my, they are above cute!!! And trees, and beautiful ornaments and… Yeah, Jul is coming to my Island!!! … Continue reading

The storm

Well, in fact… okay, today is a stormy day. We have rain and hail and strong wind… but also sun. Yeah, why not. I call this kind of weather: all included!!! LOL Because it is like it, and also a … Continue reading

Even then…

Even when life really gets you, and here it happens too, this place, my Island, can suddenly change everything. I mean really. Got no idea how… But she can. Even then… she knows what is better for you. All you … Continue reading


Just smile… even when everything around sucks! Just smile to yourself, to a cottage, a weird tree, to some leaves… it makes miracles with your face! I mean really. Just smile. Treat it as an exercise… Just smile… happiness is … Continue reading


Oh yes… cool word, isn’t it? FRUITFULNESS. So juicy… But when it comes to my Island, she is so juicy! Juicy in every aspect!!! LOL I could swear, that we can have some vine from those granite pieces, I mean … Continue reading