Notice me…

Even when the weather is really gloomy… there is always this amazing part of the sky which screams with joy, hope and happiness. I mean really. And those roofs. And homes, and colors… And when it is really cold and … Continue reading


What the heck is with those winds and names? I mean really?!!! This one is named Gorm. Hello Gorm, please leave my roof where it is. Do not touch those!!! Just blow away! Yeah… November can be really windy here, … Continue reading

After the rain

After the rain finally socked my Island… everything is growing. I know it is late autumn, but still it is. Somehow the waters always change it into vital and blooming. Nature is so simple. And so complicated… and I am … Continue reading

The calm

Between storms and huge winds, between uncalm, grey weather and rain… The calm appears. And you know what? About this time of year it is quit weird. In fact frustrating even. No wind means waiting for one… No wind means … Continue reading


The sea… Amazing and cold now. Oh my so cold, but still tempting. Will I ever be brave enough to jump in it around November? Maybe? Well… I got wet, right, but no swimming yet!!! LOL … Continue reading

Sunny windows

Oh yes, sunny windows. They just happen this time of year. Between storms, strong winds, rain and hail… Sometimes the weather forecast gets it, sometimes… my Island is the winner. We are just happy when a sunny window comes out. … Continue reading

One sunny day

It just happens. The sun comes out and it is amazing, warm and so bright. After those days with hail, wind and rain… it is really surprising. We here cherish those days. I mean really. Look at those people… how … Continue reading