Burgers – Sandvig

I must confess… I can have fries, but when it comes to burgers, I am not good in it, so I asked my Awesome Husband to be a tester. I think he was not so unhappy about it, I mean really!!! LOL


This baby you can buy close to the beach, sitting between trees or under umbrellas… of course there is a lot tasty things to buy here, so if you have some stomach needs, come and eat, because this burger was WONDERFUL!!! Tasty, big, juicy… yummy stuff!!! Especially when you got really hungry, because it is quit HUGE!!!

When it comes to fries? Well… I LOVED THEM! Hot and well fried and this sea salt on them, which helps you to decide if you want more of salty or less, and that red thing which was not a regular ketchup was so yummy! All those veggies in there let me think about… Hungary!!! Not only because I was really hungry!!!


PS. Remember. This little thing which you will be given must light on! When the light is on, go to the window, your dinner is served!!!

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