And even more!!!

Colors and shapes… here everything runs around colors and shapes. Impossible and possible. Because my Island is simple. If you let her lead, you will be happy, stubborn one will get smacked. Love is the key… Still, when you look … Continue reading


Sometimes mornings are gloomy, and sleepy and sometimes they look like a liquid old gold. I mean really… How can such morning change into nasty day? Can’t!!! Even if you fall, this past gold will pick you up! … Continue reading

The Fall

Sometimes I really think I could do this. Lie down and breath the Island. Just be part of her, feel this strange tickle… yup, bugs too!!! LOL Just breath, just hug, just… tickle those branches, just be a part of … Continue reading


And here she is… Lady of Leaves. Mistress of Colors and Yummy Sounds. Autumn. Oh my… I love this time of year here on my Island. It is so above special, so… perfectly spoiling everyone… … Continue reading