Take off your…

“Take off your shoes… and walk. Leave the sadness, too much thinking. Just go, breath and imagine, that this could be forever… Not only for holidays, but for time, when you got nothing to run off from…” Ch.J. I mean … Continue reading

Better than TV

Yup, sorry, but my Island is so much better than TV! You never know what kind of program you will be watching, and who will you meet? And no commercials!!! And everything smells so amazing… even a wet dog! LOL … Continue reading

Feed me!!!

Presenting burger from Svaneke. He is hot and superfresh, he is big and good looking. He is smart and handsome… Well… one what I need to say is: this baby is huge! I mean really! Looks amazing, tastes amazing, fresh … Continue reading

Feel it!!!

Finally! Finally today the weather is cooler and wet! Finally we got clouds! My plants are so happy, I could swear they were dancing! But still I got his pictures in my heart… of a golden field. Try it… Try … Continue reading

Stop and think…

Stop and think for a moment. About amazing nature, Island which is able to give you everything you need. Really everything you need. And things you do not need too!!! Because why not. Stop and think… about totally nothing. Just … Continue reading

The moment

Everything is a moment, but we are so forced to look at the bigger picture, that we do not let ourselves just be happy with a simple, gentle moment. Maybe it is a time to change it? I mean really! … Continue reading


They are everywhere. Somehow even in a deep forest you can find them… fruits. Trees which are ready to feed you… Watching people having fun wit cherries or plums always make me smile… it is so natural and so normal, … Continue reading