Shopping again?

Well, maybe my Island is a bit not changing, maybe even, when you look at those lovely cottages, you think about her – she is ancient… But we also got new things, new pieces, which can make you smile! And … Continue reading


Sometimes even my little sweet addicted soul finds something new! And is so happy, when suddenly in a well known smell of the harbor can spot some sugar, anise and… what can it be? Fruits or flowers? Yup, my new … Continue reading

… and music

Especially July it is okay to sit down and listen. Just listen… the wind between the branches, the wind playing with boats… and the wind in trumpets! Of course there is so much fun, that you can dance too… So … Continue reading

And fairies…

They are here. You may say: NO, but they are here. Yup, they are really naughty when riding a toad, but they are also powerful. And more naughty… Just look at those flowers, look deeper! Deeper… Can you swim? … Continue reading


People come here and… in fact what do they like the most? I got no idea! Some of them prefer to lie down and do nothing, some walking, others shopping, riding a bike, camping. And some… … what would you … Continue reading

What people do…

What people usually do on Sundays? I mean really? Church? Yup, I bet if you are a churchgoer you go. Walk? or maybe huge dinner? Or maybe something different? Dancing? Keeping up with traditions? Hugging the Island? … Continue reading

Love is…

Well here love is everything and in everything… sometimes I really thing pieces of my Island should be in this crazy shade of pink, to gently inform: beware! I am love! Really… You just feel it to rocks, waves, views… … Continue reading

Sol over Gudhjem

Maybe weather was a bit too steamy for me, but still… Gudhjem was full!!! I mean really full. People, market, huge stage. More hungry people… I think that when it comes to food I am a peasant! Totally! Nothing fancy … Continue reading