People often ask: why? Why this Island, why this place, why did you choose to leave everything and move. Move not because of job, but because of strange feeling, love, this MUST which is now always with you? And I … Continue reading

Crows crows crows

Yes… every late spring brings them new and crazy. I mean more crazy than ever, more crazy than last year, or just… more crazy. I love them, but a quacking crow around 5 a.m. is… really annoying!!! I mean really… … Continue reading

All those monuments

Here everything is a monument. Those created by people and those made by nature. Precious, always full of memories. Because this Island is a wonderful mix of nature and people who were touched by her. This Island is a biggest … Continue reading


This is this time… yellow. Yellow and blue. And maybe some green too, but not much. And everything rocks. Smells and dances. It is just a bit impossible, a bit too magical to handle this. How? How to deal with … Continue reading


We keep the Island clean, and precious and from time to time, like every year, we just renovate some things. Not just flowers and lawns, not just paint on the buildings and fences… My Island renovates every year. Just because … Continue reading

Pissebæken 2

Yup, still here. Yes, the name is real. I know it sounds funny. LOL But the place is more like wild, and still so untouched. So precious… Yes sounds funny. I know. Pissebæken… still you should visit it. Take some … Continue reading


I know… sorry, but danish is sometimes more funny, than… Yeah it is called Pissebæken. I know! Pisse!!! LOL Still, it is just a lovely place, wild, close to the sea, where not so small waterfall was naturally installed. So… … Continue reading

Just precious

Just little joys. Tiny, maybe even invisible for most of you… precious. Because on my Island everything is worth of being saint, god, amazing… Every tiny weed, every stone, every tree and cottage… … Continue reading

We need rain!

I mean really! Everything is so dry!!! Plants look like cooked. And I need to listen to the rain dropping, dancing on my window… I miss rain! I get it, that visitors would not be happy of a rainy day, … Continue reading