Maybe a boat?

I have a seasick. Monstrous one! Huge and awful. But still… can not stop thinking about having a boat. You know this car thing which can swim, or more like float, you know, up and down, up and… LOL It … Continue reading

We create marks

Sometimes there are only footsteps. Sometimes we touch, sit down, sometimes we move a rock and sometimes… we change them. In this amazing, free, gentle way. Just because we feel it, just because it seems to be right. We create… … Continue reading

Just go…

Really… just go. Stop thinking, stop searching for, stop creating… just stop!!! Because it is good to let your head to rest and feet to just move!!! It is so refreshing… but be careful, sometimes your head gets sleepy and … Continue reading

What I love…

What I love the most… is just taking a stroll. Walking. Not taking care of how, where exactly. Just choosing one of paths. Maybe the one created by sheep? Or the one not so comfy at all? Just walking, breathing … Continue reading


Waves change. And I do not mean only strength of the wind and boats. I do not mean ducks and seagulls and swans. I mean seaweeds. Which are precious and can really rock!!! In fact now it looks a bit … Continue reading


When the weather is sunny, you can still believe that we are not alone… you can see the boats, and even some more islands, or just rocks on the sea… But when clouds come, it is so cozy. So amazingly … Continue reading