When springs is in full you can spot those cool yellow, fragile flowers growing between the rocks, or in a not so deep grass. Amazing, and so strong. Beautiful on those thin “legs” always taking a bow. But never breaking … Continue reading


Simple green path between Salene Bugten and Kunstmuseum. Quiet, refreshing, so precious. Perfect for a long walk… and few snacks! But be careful, because this place can discover something new in well known. Or put something extra to yourself!!! … Continue reading


“The sea the sun all blue.   The send some rocks everything true.   Few smiles, some ruins, meadows.   Just an Island, just some cottages possible heaven.” Ch. J. And more… … Continue reading


Well yeah, you should be careful where you sit if in the wilderness, or just on rocks around Gudhjem!!! LOL We got sheep. We got sheep and we love them! Awesome fluffy clouds walking around and eating and walking and … Continue reading


I love walking. The best way to spend a day is just to go… feel my muscles when I go up, and this happiness when the road goes down. This possibility of stopping in every place, of changing, climbing, or … Continue reading