Kyst me softly

Kyst means coast… it means amazing, wild and thrilling adventure. In fact every piece of coast here on my Island is stunning. Of course we got amazing paths here, you can even jog… but you do not want to do … Continue reading

Dive in

Dive in… not waves, not the still cold sea. Dive into the grass, and find there all those precious violets. I mean really, this Spring belongs to them!!! My Island is just covered by them… and not all are… violet!!! … Continue reading


Since XII century here is a church. Nothing special? Nothing unusual? Well… you know, we got churches, and every time I think: why so many? Why we have so many of those if… we all believe in The Island? Still, … Continue reading

The hole?

Even if people changed the Island, even if some of you consider it bad… still my Island changed it back. Into magical place where birds can dance and breed. Where only wild flowers bloom… … Continue reading


Yes… my Island is a pure therapy. Helps in fact for everything. I mean really. Heals the soul, heals the limbs, heals… All you have to do is go out. All you have to do is… believe. Or just breath. … Continue reading