It does not matter if you believe in Harry Potter stories or in words written by Tolkien and Pratchett… or maybe you only believe in old myths and legends… all of us notice trolls on Bornholm. It is just too … Continue reading


I mean really… just walking between all those misty veils is like jumping from one world to another! Like having fairies, and then dragons and trolls and then aliens and even transformers and Death Star!!! Everything can happen on this … Continue reading

Just life…

Since I moved to Bornholm everything changed… This Island is like a new life, like the best chapter… like dragon’s cave!!! I mean really, everything here is just precious!!! LOL Maybe there is not everything in a shop, but outside, … Continue reading

Waking up

I love waking up on my Island. Every morning is different, every dream is different too… even one of those weird ones… even one with parrots swimming inside of the sea, I mean diving, not breathing, all those colors!!! Yeah! … Continue reading