Land of fairies

Look… like in a fairytale! All those shapes and colors, so tiny, so magnificent. All those cottages. Maybe in fact only magical creatures live here? Only dwarfs, trolls, fairies, unicorns and dragons? I do believe in it! Well, have some … Continue reading


Mornings can be here really steamy, or really dark. They can be bright and sunny, but also so windy and cold, that all you can think about is: leave me here, I am not going anywhere!!! But sometimes, even warm … Continue reading


When I was walking recently, I found few spots with snow. Few spots still so sleeping. So tired and in fact quiet. I was so ready to lie down there and just stay… but even those spots will finally wake … Continue reading


People say that Island is sleeping. But is it real? Is it true? Or maybe only we are sleeping, a bit longer, a bit more, a bit… different… And the Island is still rocking? Or maybe we all are sleeping … Continue reading

Windy here

It is soo windy here. I could just swear that I am flying. And from time to time my roof just jump above the walls, maybe even fly too? Winds on my Island are special and strong. Touching souls, thoughts, … Continue reading