When memories are strong enough, they change into stones. They somehow get into those large blocks, to make themselves forever… Sometimes people help them, but here, in this place, somehow every boulder reminds us someone, something, the past, passion, life… … Continue reading

In every drop…

This Island marks everything here. Every drop coming out from the sky, every person coming by the sea… just because she can!!! Those marked are really easily to be described… there is something different in them, those loving Bornholm, something … Continue reading

My HERO!!!

He is my hero. Really. I think I never had one except old, forgotten also, gods who could really rock, and in fact doing all those impossible things, and except Native Americans, whose myths taught me to be… me. But … Continue reading

They say…

They say that Bornholm is so small, that whichever road you choose, finally you get home. And you know what? They are telling truth! In fact recently I was driving for few minutes from one site to another… and then … Continue reading