Ekkodalen 3

Just go… Sometimes I think she is just calling us. The Island. Calling us to touch her, to say louder: you are so beautiful… to make her giggle even. She is The Lady you know, so more often needs to … Continue reading

Ekkodalen 2

Just go deeper and deeper. And deeper… not only because you can, but especially, because she is calling you. You can hear it and feel it. This is so strange, so tickling your intuition… And meeting all those magical creatures … Continue reading


On my Island you just can not say: I have been here before, I do not want to come back, there is nothing new… because here you always can find something new, even in places already well known!!! So go … Continue reading

Crows all around

My Island got a special connection with crows. Those grey and black one, those a bit blue, dark and loud. Amazing, smart and so beautiful… so ancient, so knowing everything, so clever!!! This is one of them, Basil. Well this … Continue reading

Just breathing…

Sometimes I think it is enough just to breath. Breath the Island. In and out, change position and repeat.  In and out… don’t you feel better already. Just go out and cuddle trees and grass, bushes and fields, and everything … Continue reading